The process of roofing removing old, worn-out roofing or installing new can seem dirty and destructive. At Quality Roofing, we protect your property and leave the job-site looking clean and neat through the entire roofing process.

We take great care in protecting your lawn, flowers, and shrubs from damage and we ensure that nails, staples, and other debris are cleaned up each and every day.

Our employees are professional and are available to help make the roofing process seem as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

In addition to clean and professional roof installation, Quality Roofing has trained installers who are able to offer many other services to our customers. Contact Us today or click on the service below to learn more!

Wind Damage Repair

Do you have missing shingles caused by high winds?

Our Spokane and Spokane Valley windstorms often cause damage to your roofing materials.

At Quality Roofing our trained employees will help you try to maximize the life expectancy of your roof by simply repairing the damaged area.


Wind Damaged Roof
Kitchen Skylight

Skylight Installation

Don’t continue languishing in darkness when instead you could be enjoying sunshine inside your home. Skylights bring beauty indoors and add natural light to any room in your home.

Velux offers products ranging from traditional skylights to Sun Tunnels. Velux deck-mounted skylights come with an industry first 10-year “No Leak” installation warranty that covers correct skylight and appropriate flashing installations (product and labor) against leaks.

For important details about this outstanding warranty, we will help you determine which Velux skylights and products are best for your home.


Insurance Claim Assistance

Are you worried about settling a re-roofing claim with your insurance company? Anxious about knowing what to do about the wind or tree damage to get the roof repairs you need?

We will assist you in the filing a claim and receiving the appropriate compensation for the damage done. At Quality Roofing we have over 15 years of experience in working with different insurance companies and their adjusters in the Spokane and Spokane Valley area so our experienced staff will ease your mind and make  this process as simple as possible.

Fallen Tree Damaged Roof
Roof Vent Installation

Cold Weather

  • Ventilation helps reduce moisture to keep attics dry
  • Stops water from backing up under shingles, damaging insulation, and rotting the roof structure itself
  • Helps prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams occur in areas where snowfall and cold temperatures are common and pose a special problem because they prevent melt water from running off the roof. They can even cause leaks inside your home, resulting in drywall damage.

Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation will assist in extending the life of your roofing, roof-deck, and attic insulation. Proper ventilation will also help in controlling heating and cooling costs for your home. When your home is properly ventilated you’ll see the following results.

Warm Weather

  • Ventilation helps keep attics cool
  • Helps prevent hot, moist summer air from warping the roof sheathing
  • Stops shingles from deteriorating prematurely
  • Fresh air in the attic makes a home much easier to cool, which can result in lower energy costs

Improper Ventilation Results:

  • Premature failure of the roofing, including blistering
  • Buckling of the roofing due to deck movement
  • Rotting of wood members
  • Moisture accumulation in insulation
  • Ice dam formations in cold climates
  • Mold growth due to moisture accumulation
  • Deck distortion


If you suspect that your roof is not well ventilated then contact us today for an inspection.  Stop the damage as soon as possible.

Roof Inspections

We recommend regular inspections of the roof to prolong the life of your asphalt or metal roof and provide you the peace of mind knowing that you are still protected.

Along with inspecting your shingles, Quality Roofing will inspect your skylights, chimney, pipe flashings, roof vents, and other roof penetrations. Although your shingles might have a longer warranty, the other materials used in the complete roofing system might not endure the tests of time. Regular inspections can save you time and money by repairing roof damage before it worsens.

Inspecting Roof Damage
Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The cost of snow removal is much lower than re-roofing your home.

We will clear the snow and ice-dams from your roof quickly so take a proactive step before the snow settles in and call us today.

Gutter Cleaning & Moss Removal

Leaves and moss are part of life for every homeowner.

Let us set your mind at ease as we clear out the refuse so water can move off of your roof. A leaky roof or a collapsing gutter system could be prevented by contacting us today.

Gutter Clogged with Leaves

Leak Repair

A leaky roof transforms your beautiful and comfortable Spokane or Spokane Valley home into a picnic shelter in Seattle. Water damage or flooding could force you to invest in a costly remodel or drywall repair when the real problem isn’t even inside.

Let us know as soon as you suspect that a leak is threatening your home’s integrity and we will inspect, repair, and/or replace whatever is needed to keep you and your home warm and dry.

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